It began with teeth.

Art is my nourishment and my gallows. My catharsis.
I am forever experimenting, developing, and honing my techniques.
Continuing to progress, reinvent, and reevaluate my art is of the utmost importance to me; thusly my art is perpetually changing depending on the year or
the circumstances.

Mixed media, encaustic, collage,
abstraction. Composition is always clear, the
journey is emersion, and the outcome is always a mix of triumph and sadness.

One thing always remains:

My truth.

Painting is my attempt to
convey true purity through the suffering and
degradation of both mind and material.

Past/Current Exhibitions:

Walk of Shame Gallery
{Pierpont} 2004

One Modern Art Gallery
{Sugarhouse} 2007

L’ Estelier
{200 South} 2010

Ulysses Salon
{600 S. State St} 2011

Evolutionary Healthcare Office/Gallery
{200 S} 2013

E3 Modern Showroom/Gallery {3rd and 3rd} 2013

Alpine Art
{430 S Temple} 2012

AMF{Art meets Fashion Solo exhibition}: 2014

Concept Gallery
{380 W 900 S} 2013-2018


Mark Seely Atelier

440 w Harvey Milk Blvd


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